When was the last time you were paid to recycle? People are always searching for new ways to recycle, be green and save the environment. A lot of us recycle our cans, paper and plastic, but what about your old electronics? What do you do with your old cell phone when you upgrade to a nice, new model?
Geoff Lilienfeld
Unsure of what you should do with your used and/or unwanted electronics? There are several services that would be happy to assist you in keeping them out of landfills, and we are one of them! iPhones Into Cash will accept all gently used and broken iPhones and then give you cash for helping us recycle them. iPhones Into Cash is working hard to spread the word about how to help keep electronics out of landfills. The amount of e-waste that enters landfills each year continues to increase due to all of the new electronics consumers are purchasing. EWasteCenter.com states, “The EPA estimates that in 2005, the U.S. discarded 1.5 to 1.9 million tons (3 billion lbs.) of computers, TVs, VCRs, monitors, cell phones, and other equipment.” While e-waste cannot be prevented, it can be minimized by services such as ours that help to reuse electronics. iPhones Into Cash was created with the idea to reward consumers for recycling their used and broken iPhones. The majority of Americans assume their old iPhones are worthless and throw them away, but we can reuse and recycle them! This means that you make a little money, we make a little money and together we help keep potentially hazardous materials out of our landfills. Not only is iPhones Into Cash a great resource for earning some of your cash back from your old iPhone, but the program is also teaming up with the Kids in Need Foundation (KINF). This foundation, based in Ohio, has partners and affiliates all over the U.S. KINF works to make sure that every child is prepared to learn and succeed by providing free school supplies to students who need them the most. Since keeping old iPhones out of landfills reduces electronic waste, iPhones Into Cash has been certified as a significant waste reducer by The ULS (Use Less Stuff) Report’s Sustainable Products Certification Program. If you live in the U.S., you can request a prepaid mailer anytime at iphonesintocash.com. Wondering how much your phone is worth? It’s based on the model and condition of your phone, and we have an easy-to-use pricing guide for your convenience:

iPhones Into Cash is based in Kansas City, MO, and we can be contacted toll-free at (888) 858-1541, or via email at info@ipicmail.com. Geoff Lilienfeld is the President and CEO of iPhonesIntoCash.com, a company that pays consumers for their old iPhones for the purpose of recycling. Learn more about iPhones Into Cash at facebook.com/iphonesintocash.