Cats and dogs are family members, best friends and constant companions. Accordingly, caring for our furry loved ones often means the constant purchase of supplies and products they need.

If you’re thinking about adopting a new pet into your family, it’s important to think about the carbon footprint associated with these supplies.

The Worldwise brand of pet products isn’t as widely recognized as some of its competitors, but there is a pretty good chance you’ve heard of the store that supplies the materials for their dog and cat products: Walmart.
PoochPlanet bed made of recycled water bottles and post-consumer fiber fill
To make its pet beds, cat scratchers and litter accessories Worldwise collects recyclable materials generated by and used within every Walmart and Sam’s Club location nationwide. Because of this system, plastic bottles, corrugated cardboard, plastic clothes hangers and plastic shopping bags that would have otherwise been thrown away are recycled into the company’s innovative PoochPlanet and SmartyKat products, such as: PoochPlanet Beds: Worldwise combines 130 recycled bottles from Walmart and Sam’s Club locations with its own EcoRest 100% post-consumer recycled fiber fill to create the ultimate bed for your four-legged friends. SmartyKat Litter Pans and Scoopers: These heavy-duty products help keep your home clean while providing a private place for feline friends to do their business. Each of these products contains a minimum of 70% post-consumer waste in the form of recycled plastic hangers. SmartyKat Refillable Scratch Pads: We all know that kitties have an itch to scratch, so why not save the couch and give them this 100% recycled corrugated scratch pad housed inside a sleek tray made from recycled plastic hangers? Check out to learn more about these recycled pet products, and where you can buy them.