True Connections' reclaimed wood bench
True Connections reclaimed wood bench
Looking for smaller furniture items to add character to your home can be overwhelming, especially when you want a quality piece made from recycled materials. Pieces made from reclaimed lumber are sturdy and really introduce some history and charm into your space. Reclaimed lumber is also an environmentally friendly choice. It is/was still a tree, but by buying reclaimed lumber or a product made from reclaimed lumber, you’re giving that tree a new life in your home. If you’re in the market for a new bookshelf or rack to arrange pictures and trinkets, here are some reclaimed wood options:
  • Andrew’s Reclaimed Etsy shop features small shelves handmade from recycled and reclaimed wood. This husband-and-wife team uses reclaimed wood to create items such as shelves, birdhouses, elevated dog feeders, herb planters and home decor in their Seattle-area shop.
  • Recycled cedar shelves and benches can be found at True Connection’s Etsy shop. Small shelves are $15-$40 and larger bookcases and benches are $40-$150. Each item is handmade in Louisiana. Custom orders are welcome.
  • U.K. designer Sam Archer makes lovely pieces from reclaimed wood. His online portfolio features creative shelves, wine racks, benches and more. He makes his pieces so that they can be taken apart and assembled with ease. 1-800-RECYCLING contacted Sam through his website, and he told us that he would be happy to ship to the States.
  • Plus Minus Studio in Phoenix creates high-end pieces using reclaimed and recycled lumber. The portfolio consists of rustic desks, tables and benches with steel bases unique to each piece of furniture.
  • Based in Smithville, MO, Elmwood Reclaimed Timber makes beautiful reclaimed wood shelves. Some of these shelves were even featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine. On Elmwood’s website you can custom-make your shelf and order it with ease.
  • Get crafty and build your own piece of reclaimed wood furniture. Bookshelves and small racks are simple enough for a novice craftsman to try. You can purchase 100% recycled antique lumber from Elmwood Reclaimed Timber that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. A quick Internet search should yield results for reclaimed lumber in your area. Check eBay, Craigslist‘s”free” section or contact a local lumberyard for information on reclaimed wood. This way your new piece of furniture will be completely original, handmade and good for the earth.