Mike Brander Jack Roberts
Mike Brander, Vice President of Sales, Verizon Wireless, and Jack Roberts, President and CEO, Consert
The union between telephone and data giant Verizon Wireless and Consert, a smart-grid technology company, is a meeting of high-end technology and green energy conservation. The two companies have created a model partnership that is changing the way we utilize electronics. Verizon Wireless’ Vice President of Sales, Mike Brander, and Consert’s CEO and President, Jack Roberts, speak on this strategic pairing. For Verizon Wireless, launching its 4G LTE wireless system is transforming the company into the next generation of technological greatness, at a cost of $6 billion per year. Consert joins Verizon Wireless to make going green a bit easier and more cost effective. “The problem with the electric utility is that it is the only utility that has to function without storage,” Roberts says. “There is no mass storage of electricity. [Consert offers] the ability to give energy conservation many of the attributes of generation.” “[Verizon Wireless and Consert together] are able to offer a solution to the utility sector as well as consumers that can help manage their energy usage and provide demand response,” Brander explains. In short: by using less energy, Verizon Wireless customers will end up saving money. Visit Verizon Wireless’ website here. Visit Consert’s website here.

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Paige Pederson
Paige Pederson, certified identity theft risk management specialist, LifeLock
Paige Pederson manages the identity theft educational programs at Tempe, AZ-based LifeLock. Pederson joined the company back when it was a start-up in 2006, and it has since blossomed into one of the biggest identity theft protection companies in the U.S. That is significant, since identity theft is the fastest rising crime in America. The average identity theft victim spends approximately 30 hours tending to their case. LifeLock’s protection helps to minimize your risk level, and proactively resolves any issues that do occur. “There are many points of contact throughout the day, the month and the year that you give your personal information into the hands of a potential bad guy,” Pederson says. “We’re trying to put safeguards in place to help you not be a victim in the first place.” Visit LifeLock’s website here.

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