How to Recycle CalculatorsWhen those expensive graphing calculators reach the end of their life, it’s not time to throw in the towel until you find a suitable recycler. The same goes for calculators with basic functions. First, check out places that accept and recycle electronic products like computers. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has a list of local programs to make searching easier. There is also an assortment of manufacturers and retailer programs that provide convenient recycling options, so if you’ve purchased the calculator from Best Buy or the Office Depot, chances are it’s just a matter of returning the product to the retailer. Second, consider whether you can make a profit. Texas Instruments is well known for its multifunctional calculators, and this company builds its products with longevity in mind. If your calculator isn’t in too bad of shape, you can sell it to Gazelle or You Renew — simply type in the make and model of your device and see what pops up. The goal of these companies is to reuse before recycling, but when recycling is necessary, the calculators go to a domestic recycling partner for proper processing. You might find that your calculator is worth some cash, or you might find that recycling is the only option… either way is a green route!