How to Recycle ScissorsAre your scissors beyond sharpening and reconditioning? If you can’t bring your scissors back to life or think of a creative way to reuse them in your home, recycling is an option that you might even get paid to do. Every year, schools, churches and organizations host scrap metal drives, and these are the places where you can lay those old, rusty scissors to rest. For example, the Perkasie Fire Company just outside of Philadelphia holds several free scrap metal drives throughout the year, enabling locals to go green while supporting their firehouse. By doing a quick search online, you can see what scrap metal drives are going on in your area. For even easier recycling that has paying potential, Recycle Zone has a drive-through and drop-off metal recycling center in North Olmsted, OH. Depending on what type of metal your scissors are made from and how many scissors you’re planning on recycling, you can get a pretty penny for the pound — well, at least enough to reward you for recycling. But these are just two local examples. Allow those scissors to be made into something new, and head over to our recycling location finder for local scrap metal collectors in your area.