David Greenberg
David Greenberg, President, Updater.com
If you have ever moved, you know the hassles of changing your address for every service and listing on which your name appears. David Greenberg, a former lawyer, decided the process was simply too time consuming and unnecessarily difficult — something needed to change. The objective of Updater.com is to consolidate what fills up mailboxes across the U.S.: Skip the junk mail all together, and receive only desired and necessary mail. Consumers should be able to decide which pieces of mail they choose to receive, which will significantly cut back on wasted paper. “The environmental hazards are really serious, with respect to junk mail,” Greenberg says. “The statistics are shocking: About 100 billion pieces of junk mail are delivered each year. That’s about 800 pieces per household.”

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Matt Petersen
Matt Petersen, President and CEO, Global Green USA
The devastation from Hurricane Katrina in 2005 inspired Global Green USA President and CEO Matt Petersen to take any action he could to assist those that lost everything. Since then, his organization has helped rebuild countless homes, green New Orleans schools and “adopt a neighborhood” while creating incredibly energy-efficient low-income housing. But Global Green USA’s efforts aren’t just in New Orleans, as the organization’s name suggests. Petersen says his mission is to help people in need while helping the environment. Currently, Global Green USA is in the process of selecting the winner of its “green school makeover” competition. The selected school will win more than $100,000 to help improve energy efficiency and lessen its footprint. “[The winner] will become a model of how we retrofit our schools,” Petersen says. “We need to see this happen across this country. Every school can be better for the environment.”

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