This year, if you’re looking for gifts that will delight your loved ones, help those in need and keep trash out of landfills, check out Gifts With Humanity. This fair trade store, founded in 2002 by Kevin Ward and Renice Jones, has generated more than $3.35 million for artisans and cooperatives in Africa, Haiti and elsewhere seeking to lift themselves out of poverty. The company supplies unique, handcrafted items to more than 800 stores through its wholesale division, Global Crafts. Here are some examples of the fabulous gifts you can purchase:

Queenie Tire Messenger Bag

queenie recycled tire messenger bag This bag has a front flap made from upcycled tires accented with woven tire strips on a bag made from sheets of recycled plastic bags.

The Paris Wallet

Paris recycled wallet This wallet is made from recycled plastic bags. It has five credit card pockets and a transparent slot for a driver’s license. It also has four zipper-less inside pockets for cash and receipts and a zippered pocket for change. Born of a desire to reduce India’s mountain of waste, improve energy efficiency, and help some of Delhi’s poorest out of the city’s slums, Conserve India achieves all this by turning plastic bags into high fashion. In addition to keeping plastic and other materials out of landfills, this project fights poverty in rural parts of India.

Recycled Tin Dancing Girl Earrings

recycled tin dancing girl earrings These lead-free earrings are made from recycled silver, tin and copper wire and are accented with colorful Maasai beads.

Glossy Recycled Paper Necklace


glossy recycled paper necklace

This necklace, made by the Teenage Mothers and Girls Association of Kenya, is made out of old calendars and brochures. The recycled paper is cut in long triangles and rolled to form the beads, then varnished to a high gloss. The main mission of TEMAK is to provide vocational skills to young women — many of whom are unwed mothers who have been ostracized by their family and community — empowering the young women to earn a living wage. Many of the young women make crafts to earn an income to support themselves and their families. For more information, visit the Gifts With Humanity website.