Mobile phones featuring recycled materials, energy-efficient features and eco-friendly packaging are exciting and essential to the reduction of waste in the electronics industry. But recycled material or not, most phones still need electricity to fuel all their gadgets and apps, and unfortunately, that electricity usually comes from fossil fuels or nuclear power plants. Most, but not all. LG recently unveiled an attractive pair: a mobile phone with a specially designed solar power charger that will allow you to permanently declare your independence from the electrical outlet.LG Unlike other after-market solar chargers, the LG PCB-100 mobile phone accessory can give you enough juice for a short phone call with just 10 minutes of exposure to direct sunlight. But the best part is that this solar charger is actually a sleeve that can be placed on the LG POP all the time, which means it can charge while sitting on a windowsill or sun-soaked desk, all the while providing added protection to the phone. As a new smartphone owner, I can attest to the fact that keeping it charged is a constant battle. Because constant charging not only uses up a lot of energy, but also lessens the life of the phone’s battery, I’m constantly carrying around my charger so I won’t be stuck without a phone when the power gets low. I love the idea that this solar charger can be fitted over the phone so the phone can charge whenever it is exposed to sunlight, and I can leave the bulky charger at home where it belongs! Unfortunately, the LG PCB-100 solar charging sleeve can’t draw power from artificial light, which means it won’t be useful if you spend all day cooped up in a cubical without access to genuine sunshine. But, this is a nonetheless a bright, shiny step toward smartphone sustainability.