After reading article after article about Valentine’s Day, one thing is clear: People either love it or hate it. Those that celebrate feel it is a nice excuse to do something special with their significant other, while those that feel it is a pointless holiday gripe about it being a scam. Nevertheless, there will always be Valentine’s Day, which means there will always be some sort of resource consumption due to it as well. As much as we cringe about the waste that is hitting the landfill on the days following Valentine’s Day, what we can do is encourage lovers (and retailers) to make more sustainable purchases.Vosges-Chocolate-recycled-packaging One company that we have fallen head over heels for is Vosges Haut-Chocolat. Known for its exotic yet organic ingredients, Vosges’ newest chocolates are also Rainforest Alliance certified. But, we adore Vosges for more than just its Organic Peanut Butter Bonbons (though, admittedly, they have stolen this writer’s heart). Vosges has made a strong effort to produce a greener product and workplace. Perhaps what is most impressive is Vosges’ leadership in sustainable packaging. The Chicago-based company is consistently researching alternatives for its packaging and, so far, has come up with some notable options. For example, PLA (polylactic acid), a plastic substitute made from fermented cornstarch, is used for all of Vosges’ plastic boxes and lids and can be composted. Additionally, all of the candy bar boxes are made from 100% recycled content and are recyclable as well. And those striking purple boxes that Vosges has come to be known for? They are also made from 100% recycled material, and customers are reusing them for a number of storage and organizational purposes. Another thoughtful initiative that we just love is the partnership between Vosges and a nonprofit called Creative Pitch. Also based in Chicago, Creative Pitch partners with companies to donate their excess materials to art educators in and around the city. Through Creative Pitch’s coordination, the art educators then use these materials that would otherwise be considered trash for extremely underfunded arts programs and projects. For example, Vosges donates old display truffle boxes, parchment paper, truffle trays, tubes and ribbon from both the assembly line and its Chicago-area boutiques. Talk about a great way to recycle and upcycle! By doing some research this Valentine’s Day, you’ll find there are more great companies out there that are taking steps to be more sustainable in their products as well as their packaging. Keep Vosges in mind, as well as other chocolate companies that we like, including Endangered Species, Dagoba Organic Chocolate and CocoaVino.