sweetriot recycling
sweetriot's recyclable packaging
Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and the unromantic reality is that it is one of our most wasteful holidays. Each year, nearly a billion valentines are sent globally, making the day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year behind Christmas. In total, more than 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are sold and 110 million roses are sold and delivered within a three-day time period. This year, there is a better option: sweetriot chocolate. The company sources its cacao directly in Latin America and uses all-natural, healthy ingredients for its dark chocolate “peaces.” It also uses recyclable, reusable packaging that features art from emerging artists. The brand encourages its customers, whom it calls “rioters,” to reuse, recycle or return.


On sweetriot’s site there are ideas from rioters on how to reuse the tin, which is the product’s packaging. One example: “This is limited edition original artwork, and I keep the tins not only to store cufflinks or whatever, but also for posterity.”


The sweetriot tins are recyclable, and the company encourages rioters to recycle any tins they don’t reuse. Tins can be recycled through community curbside recycling programs or at community recycling centers. The sweetriot displays and boxes that 12-packs come in are also recyclable — you can include them with your mixed-paper recyclables. sweetriot also works with its retail partners to make sure they can recycle displays and boxes. Here is some info on the impact of recycling tins: Every ton of steel packaging that is recycled has the following environmental impact, according to the Institute of Packaging Professionals: 1.5 tons of iron ore and half-a-ton of coal are saved. Also, 40% of the water required in production and 75% of the energy needed to make steel from virgin material is saved. In addition, there is an 86% air emissions reduction and a reduction of water pollution by 76%.


If you do not have a recycling program in your neighborhood, send packaging back to sweetriot and the company will recycle it for you. Those who return sweetriot tins will be placed on the sweetriot friend list, recognizing them for their conscious resourcefulness. Send all tins to riot headquarters: sweetriot, inc. 131 Varick St., Suite 930 New York, NY 10013 This is a Valentine’s Day gift you can feel great about giving. For more information, visit sweetriot.com or follow the company’s CEO, Sarah Endline, on Twitter @sweetriot.