Graham Chisholm
Graham Chisholm, Executive Director, Audubon California
Graham Chisholm is the Executive Director of Audubon California, the California branch of the organization that helps to track the 20 billion or so birds “on the move” throughout the U.S. Being springtime, birdwatching — one of the fastest-growing hobbies around — is in full swing throughout California and the U.S. Chisholm says that some 50 million people claim birdwatching as a hobby — from simple backyard feeders, to enthusiasts like Chisholm who book trips around prime birdwatching spots and seasons. With some 10,000 species on earth, there are neverending opportunities to see something new and exciting, and the Audubon Society is in place to help maintain these species’ natural habitats. “We can understand a lot about our natural world just by understanding how birds use it,” Chisholm says. “Birds provide one of the best windows into understanding our world and getting people excited about it.”
Evan Marks
Evan Marks, Founder, Audubon California
Evan Marks is the founder of The Ecology Center, an eco-educational nonprofit based in San Juan Capistrano, CA, that debuted in 2009. As a young man, Marks learned that humans have a major negative environmental impact, especially due to our agricultural processes. From there, Marks decided to study agriculture and worked on farms around the world. The Ecology Center focuses on connecting food systems, water systems and waste management systems in a sustainable and healthy way. Among other initiatives, the Ecology Center offers garden design, baking, beer-making and other open workshops for Orange County residents to attend. “We’re passionate about living in a healthy place with healthy people and we’re passionate about perpetuating that for future generations,” Marks explains. “To inspire that within an individual is contagious.”

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