China set to recycle 70% of waste productsChina will put in place a “complete and advanced” system to recycle 70 percent of major waste products by 2015, according to a recent official document. The system should feature a complete waste collection network, advanced technologies, well-functioning sorting and standard management, according to the guidelines posted on the central  government’s website. “Major waste products” in the guideline include metal, paper, plastic, glass, tires, cars and electronic devices. “It’s extremely urgent to establish such a system; the absence of which not only prevents the recycling of resources but also poses an imminent threat to the environment,” it stressed. To speed up the building of the system, it encourages a broad array investment to participate in this initiative. Small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as individual sanitation workers should be employed to carry out the collection work, it said, adding that favorable policies in terms of financing and land-use would also be available. Moreover, it proposes litigations on “extended duty” of producers and sellers to facilitate recycling, under which convenience and efficient recycling should be considered during the designing and manufacturing of the products. In the 12th Five-year-plan (2011-2015), China pledged to build a circular economy via a sustainable development pattern, promised to promote energy/resources conservation and emissions reduction, reports Xinhua news agency. In 2009, the country recycled 140 million tons of waste, resulting in 500 billion yuan ($78.85 billion U.S.) in value, according to a statement from the Ministry of Commerce.