Earth Day Where: Oak Hill, TN When: Wednesday, May 30, 2012 What: In observance of Earth Day, the City of Oak Hill, TN, is encouraging residents to sign up for its newest recycling initiative in May to divert more waste from landfills. The program, Recycle First, Trash Last, run by Earth Savers, has achieved tremendous success, recycling more than 400 tons by the end of its first year. That has decreased the amount of waste that goes into the landfill by 21.91 percent. Beginning in May, the City of Oak Hill will become the first city in Tennessee to implement a citywide residential composting collection program. Earth Savers will pick up table scraps, spoiled food, fruit and vegetable peels and cores, coffee grounds and meat waste. Food-contaminated paper such as pizza boxes and paper towels can be composted as well. On May 30, the City of Oak Hill Spring Clean Recycling Event will provide an opportunity for residents to safely recycle batteries, light bulbs, mattresses, box springs, electronics, carpeting, appliances and more. Residents can sign up between now and May 18 to participate in the program, and if it’s successful, city officials hope it will become a regular event. To learn how to participate, go to and click “Spring Clean Collection.” More info: