Welcome fine feathered friends into your back yard with these repurposed and recycled feeding station ideas: Sure, pinecones are still fair game in the world of earthy, bird-worthy feeding perches, but the perennial peanut butter and seed feast can be easily adapted to cardboard toilet paper roll cores, as well. A fine mesh produce bag can live on in avian infamy when it is filled with larger-sized seed varieties and protected with an outer metal fence to discourage squirrel freeloaders (a repurposed tomato cage would work especially well for this application). A 2-liter plastic soda bottle crowned with a reclaimed tree bark roof would make a handsome bird-feeding addition to anyone’s garden, plus the kiddies would have a blast putting it all together. Take advantage of the natural design of a muffin pan to create a simply inspired yet weather-resistant birdseed buffet. An old log drilled with holes offers a basic but durable feeding option, but if you’re willing to commit a bit more time to your DIY project, weathered fence boards will also do the trick. Candle fans are typically perplexed regarding what to do with the glass lids crowning their favorite wax varieties. Amazingly, those lids can be transformed into individual feeding perches with just a bit of heavy gauge wire. Who knew? Ever thought about welcoming winged creatures to their brand spanking yet not-exactly-new glass wine, beer or liquor bottle feeder? Down the hatch! Similarly, an empty coffee can or tiered tuna cans could do the job quite nicely as well. Don’t let those old, unappreciated holiday ornaments go to waste. They’d be happy to moonlight as hanging tree-branch feeders. An old plastic liquid soap container can actually look quite elegant when it is upcycled into a dandy, dangling birdie munching zone, complete with a strategic peek-a-boo hole. Got chopsticks? How ‘bout a soda can? Then you have the raw ingredients for a super cheap bird feeder that all the neighbors will undoubtedly admire. Stacked clay pots painted in contrasting colors? Great idea, and oh so durable!

bird feeders recycling

Biodegradable bird feeder options abound, from hollowed-out citrus shells and coconut shells, to pumpkins. But please do not forget to compost them once they have reached the end of their practical lifespan. An old leather baseball mitt supported with baseball bats will certainly do the trick for sporting avian species, as will a clay pot mounted inside of an old picture frame. Broadcast your affection for brewed tea by creating a bird-worthy arrangement of mismatched thrift store tea cups and saucers mounted on poles or hanging from tree branches (whether upside down, at a jaunty angle or right side up). An old teapot will also work smashingly. Protect hungry birds from the harsh elements by serving up their edible morsels in the comfort and security of a mailbox or oil lamp. Seriously, a repurposed Slinky? For chunky bird treats like peanuts and sliced fresh fruit, why not? An artfully sliced and strategically diced car tire can be transformed into a hanging bird feeder. Plus, it can be spruced up with a few coats of paint and a creative dash of design panache. When the thrill of that old plaque you won from summer camp for your impressive pizza-eating skills has long gone, turn it into a ground-mounted feeder with minimal effort. Good news! That random hubcap that rolled against your curb can now quit loitering and start serving up a delightful seed smorgasbord. You have probably seen this idea before, but it’s so good that it bears repeating. Use a repurposed chandelier or old light fixture bolted to a tree trunk to serve up your feathered friends in style. Of all the kooky (ahem, “inspired!”) repurposing ideas for bird feeders, however, there are a few clear standouts, including utilizing an old space heater or a once-loved boombox!