Now you can go to the beach with an awesome beach towel you can be proud to lay in the sand. Not only is it an unbelievably soft, super-sized beach towel/picnic blanket, but it is also a totally sustainable product made in the U.S. A Lot to Say, a company launched to help reduce the number of plastic bottles going to landfills, makes this beach blanket out of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. These bottles are turned into soft, durable and sustainable fabrics that make up all of the products A Lot to Say produces. Per A Lot to Say’s website: “Just one single t-shirt saves over 60 bottles from going to landfill,” so your 86″ x 54″ beach blanket at least doubles the bottles saved from the garbage. A Lot to Say recycled towelAnd, not only are you helping to keep plastic out of the landfill when you purchase an A Lot to Say beach blanket, but you are also helping to preserve our water supply and save energy. Every A Lot to Say product is now printed by a process called AirDye. The process uses air instead of water to help the dyes permeate fabric fibers and requires less energy than traditional fabric-dying methods. According to the AirDye site, “Traditional textile dyeing destroys trillions of gallons of water per year.” This means big savings for our rivers, lakes and streams. Last but not least, A Lot to Say gives back. The company gives 10% to 20% of all gross sales to support charities like The International Green Energy Council, Global Green USA, Stand up to Cancer and Animal Rescue Foundation. A Lot to Say co-founders Alison Stanich Power and Jennifer Stanich Banmiller sum it up in their mission statement: “If you think something, say it. If you believe something, say it. Saying it creates new awareness. Awareness sparks new behavior. And new behavior inspires us all to be better. If we speak out, others will act out. To vote. Recycle. Save. To think a little more. To try a little harder. So never be afraid to say it. Or wear it. Everyday.”