JJ Yosh
JJ Yosh, Host, ‘Ancient Tomorrow’
JJ Yosh is the host of the upcoming TV adventure series Ancient Tomorrow, as well as a celebrated ecoprenuer. Yosh’s background is in industrial conservation, but it was during a planned expedition to Bolivia that Yosh really got into the history of ancient sites and exploration of natural habitats. Now, Yosh has become dedicated to uncovering past civilizations and learning of their technologies and tools in hopes of finding solutions we can use in our modern-day lives. Yosh feels our modern technologies and buildings are far too temporary, and something needs to change. “If you look at a lot of [ancient civilizations’] structures, they’re built into the earth,” Yosh explains. “They built structures that last. We can learn to build more high-quality products today so that we don’t have to constantly replace things.”
Alexandre Soler-My
Alexandre Soler-My, Co-Founder, Green Heart Briquettes
Alexandre Soler-My and his brothers took over their family’s natural charcoal business in France in the 1990s. Since 2005, they have been making Green Hearts eco-friendly charcoal briquettes, first in South America and now in the U.S., slowly expanding around the Bay Area. Green Hearts’ briquettes are 100% natural and carbon neutral — each is made with certified planted eucalyptus trees in an eco-friendly factory using minimal energy and resources, producing very little pollution. “We have a carbon-neutral product, with no chemicals, no fossil fuels, no toxins and no coal,” Soler-My explains. “It’s a high-quality product. It burns hotter and longer than regular charcoal — for more than 10 hours.”

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