Tulsa recyclingAll Tulsans that receive trash service from the city are eligible to sign up for curbside recycling service for $2 per month (added to residential utility bills). The city provides recycling subscribers with a green bin for curbside collection at sign up. The bin is free; a second bin costs $4. A fitted lid costs $3, and a wheel kit for the bin costs $4. Tulsa (pop. 393,987) offers single-stream recycling, with the caveat that paper products must be bundled in dry, clean grocery bags before being placed in bins. This is a direct effort to keep paper products from dampening or soiling before the recycling process.

Materials recycled

Paper Including newspaper, junk mail, phone books, drink cartons, brown and white paper bags, magazines, office paper, paper egg cartons, cardboard, cereal boxes and mixed paperboard boxes. Cardboard boxes must flattened to or cut to fit properly in the recycling bin or cut into 3×3 sections and placed under the bin. Plastics Plastic containers numbered 1 and 2 Metals Including aluminum cans, tin cans and steel cans (all must be rinsed/cleaned thoroughly). Glass Any glass containers (rinsed/cleaned thoroughly)


Curbside pick-up occurs on a biweekly basis (a collection schedule is provided when residents sign up for service, and a collection map is available online). Recycling pick-up does not necessarily coincide with trash pick-up. Bins must be placed within 3 feet of the curb no later than 6 a.m. day of pick-up.

Other programs

The Metropolitan Environmental Trust operates five 24-hour drop-off recycling centers that accept all materials collected in curbside bins, as well as household and automotive batteries, motor oil and antifreeze. Motor oil and antifreeze must be separate, with up to 5 gallons accepted per visit. Drop-off centers are located at Admiral Place and Louisville Avenue (at Piggly Wiggly), 21st Street and 129th Avenue (at Aldi), 35th Street and Sheridan Road, 81st Street and Lewis Avenue (at Walmart) and 51st Street and Union Place (at Warehouse Market).

More information

Visit the City of Tulsa Recycling website for more recycling program info.