recycled tea cups

What is the best way to repurpose or recycle old teacups? Let’s count the ways…
  1. Organize your office supplies or fashionable baubles inside of them.
  2. Make a mini teacup sewing kit.
  3. Create a whimsical indoor hanging decoration or take it outside and call it a wind chime!
  4. Perch petite votive candles atop an elegantly hybridized teacup pedestal.
  5. Illuminate your evenings with a string of enchanted teacup fairy lights.
  6. Adorn your wrists with two types of decorative elements: delicate bracelets made with a combination of recycled flatware and handcrafted teacup charms or bangles gleaned straight from the teacup brim itself.
  7. Are you saying, “I do!” in the immediate future? Then you’ll want to keep those rings safe and sound upon a teacup ring-bearer pillow.
  8. Need new inspiration for your next recycled mosaic? This clever artist embedded teacup halves directly onto a wall!
  9. Create a charming lamp base just by stacking several thrift-store teacups, and for the cherry on the top, don’t forget to add a miniature teacup lamp finial.
  10. If you like the idea of a teacup-inspired lamp but prefer to make the most of their potential storage capabilities, then this quirky design should certainly be up your alley (and the theme can be easily modified to suit your personal décor style).
  11. Turn mismatched teacups into oh-so-refined wine glasses — the perfect gift for that bestie who is perpetually torn regarding which beverage he or she favors the most!
  12. Make teacup muffins or skip the paper liners and bake your cupcakes directly inside each cup for individually portioned desserts that go from oven to table in an instant.
  13. Avid sewers will find this tidy little teacup pincushion to be especially handy. Amusingly, it doesn’t even require a single stitch to pull it all together!
  14. Make a sweet, little heart-shaped necklace charm out of the handle of an old teacup.
  15. Display tasty after-dinner treats on a miniature dessert stand made with repurposed vintage china. Here is how to make a triple-tiered version using nothing more than old teacups, saucers and plates.
  16. Madeleine Boulesteix makes elaborate, girly and tres chic chandeliers showcasing the effortless elegance of repurposed teacups, while Russ Morgan’s equally dazzling creations have a far more free-flowing nature.
  17. Want a more practical lighting solution? These simple pendant lights made with repurposed teacups still make a striking décor statement without any pretention.
  18. Trim a mirror or picture frame with “chunky” teacup shards.
  19. Tuck a handcrafted stuffed animal inside an old teacup and you’ll have an instantly adorable gift… like this slumbering mouse.
  20. Mix birdseed into melted peanut butter or lard, pour the mixture inside individual teacups, allow everything to solidify, and then hang your homemade bird feeders from tree limbs via each cup handle. Oh, you’d prefer a ground-mounted option? This one will serve you and your fine-feathered friends quite well!
  21. Pour homemade candles inside random teacups and repeat the process infinitely for super-duper sustainable indoor illumination, especially if you use GMO-free soy-based wax that is scented with natural oils.
  22. Make your love for tea drinking instantly apparent to all who walk through your kitchen by sprucing up an old shelf with a few artfully attached teacups.
  23. Wedding cakes or any-old-day cakes will shine with their crowning glory — a teacup topper spilling forth with a petit flower arrangement.
  24. Of course, old teacups can be transformed into convenient, individual household planters for succulents, flowering bulbs, etc. If you want to shake things up, go the extra mile by putting your planter on a recycled silverware pedestal!
  25. Create an earthy tablescape with a moss-filled teacup centerpiece.
  26. What time is it? No matter what position the sun is in, these clocks scream, “It’s tea time!”
  27. If you are a crafter extraordinaire, then your heart will be aflutter when you gaze upon these intricately decorated teacup dioramas that can be hung ever so artfully upon a basic metal chandelier frame.