Key West recyclingRecycling became mandatory in Key West, FL (pop. 25,057), in January 2009, and with an effective single-stream curbside recycling program in place — one of the smallest U.S. cities to enact such a program (and the southernmost!) — Key West is a shining example for other communities in the laid-back Florida Keys. Recyclables collected in Key West are either recycled at a facility on the Key or sent to a “waste-to-energy” facility in Southern Florida.

Materials recycled

Paper Including newspapers, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, envelopes, manila folders, brown paper bags, fax paper, clean pizza boxes,  frozen food boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes, paperboard/cardboard boxes and juice/milk cartons. Shredded paper larger than or equal to 4 inches by 1/2-inch is accepted. Please note: Colored paper is not accepted. Plastics All rigid, clean plastics numbered 1 to 7. Secured caps and lids are OK. Plastic bags are not acceptable. Metals Including aluminum cans, steel cans, empty aerosol cans and clean aluminum foil. Secured lids and caps are OK. Glass Glass bottles and containers accepted, except for blue glass. Other Household batteries (sizes AAA through D) can be recycled curbside, provided they are placed atop all other recyclables in a sealed Ziplock bag.


Curbside pick-up occurs on a weekly basis.

Other programs

Hazardous waste materials, such as automotive batteries, enamel paint and various electronics can be dropped off at the Cudjoe Transfer Station (located on Blimp Road at milemarker 21.5) on the first and third Wednesdays of the month, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. For additional information, please call 305.295.4314.

More information

Visit the City of Key West Recycling Information website for more recycling program info.