Birmingham recyclingBirmingham, AL (pop. 242,820), is home to “the easiest recycling recycling program under the sun.” It’s true — Birmingham residents enjoy relative ease when it comes to recycling at the curb. Citywide, recycling collection is done on Wednesdays, and any residence that has garbage picked up by the city’s Public Works Department is eligible. For all of its conveniences, though, the city does not recycle glass at the curb.

Materials recycled

Paper Including flattened cardboard or paperboard (cardboard pieces that fit into the cart go into the cart; those than cannot are to be placed next to the cart), junk mail, office paper, shredded paper (bundled in brown paper bags), newspapers (must be dry), catalogs, magazines, telephone books and textbooks. Plastics All rigid, clean plastics numbered 1 to 7. Plastic bags are not accepted. Metals Including aluminum cans and steel/tin cans (rinsed) and empty aerosol cans. Detachable lids must be removed. Glass Glass is not accepted at the curb.


Curbside pick-up occurs every Wednesday. Carts must be placed free from any obstructions on collection day by 6 a.m. All carts must be returned to property within 12 hours of pick-up.

Other programs

The Birmingham Public Works Department offers regularly occurring curbside brush pick-up. A two-month schedule can be found online.

More information

Please see the Birmingham Recycles brochure for more recycling program info.