Recircle Brands’ first patented product, BagUps, has made taking out the trash easier than ever by making sure you never have to put your hand in the can again. I created BagUps as the original trash bag dispensing system that solves the problem of where your next trash bag is. Recircle Brands brings a product that is high in quality and convenience, but also one that includes a unique biodegradable design. BagUps is in sync with today’s green consumer consciousness by using oxo biodegradable plastic and a recyclable box. BagUps The earth is important to the people at Recircle Brands, as our mission is to increase productivity in the workplace by saving time and money while improving working conditions and making the messy job of taking out the trash easier by improving environmental conditions. BagUps bags are made from post-industrial plastic material that biodegrades when thrown out. The thicker the bag, the more recyclable material used — at times up to 95%. This means that the materials can decay through natural processes without damaging the environment. BagUps is committed to maintaining a zero-waste footprint. The green mission at Recircle Brands is to alter the way people change their trash throughout the world by using our trash bag dispensing system. To use BagUps, you simply drop the BagUps box in your trashcan and pull up on the first bag. When the bag is full, simply pull up the bag and another bag comes up, already attached and ready to go. The system allows for a constant flow of trash liners that automatically realigns the trashcan with another bag when needed. Thus, your garbage bag dispensing system becomes similar to a Kleenex tissue box. BagUps recyclingThe system transforms the way the trash is changed and the manner in which it is deposed. The cardboard box is recyclable, and the bag biodegrades within approximately 24 to 36 months, rather than the traditional 2,000 years. Recircle Brands prides itself in the significant time and money savings that our product provides — changing the bag takes seconds! Recircle Brands is proud to say that it is a veteran-owned small business that makes its products right here in the U.S. and works with veterans and people with disabilities that pack and assemble its products in occupational centers, helping to reduce unemployment and increase opportunities. This revolutionary eco-friendly trash bag dispensing system has been honored as one of the top five green products on MSNBC and has been featured on the Shopping Channel, Fox 5 News, KTLA and QVC. Recircle Brands is a proud member of the Green Building Association and the Veteran and Military Business Owners and is ASTM D6954-04 certified. The oxo biodegradable plastic helps reduce plastic pollution and landfill volume, minimizing organic waste entombment with its easy implementation and adoption and nontoxic residues.
Jack Licata
BagUps founder and President Jack Licata
Recircle Brands will be featured at the International Home and Houseware Show, a national expo of consumer lifestyle products. The company will present in Chicago from March 2 to 5, showing everyone how BagUps is altering how we will change the trash in a convenient, green way. Jack Licata is the founder and President of Recircle Brands, and a former captain and nuclear missile launch officer in the Air Force. Licata created BagUps to revolutionize the way businesses depose their trash without impacting the environment. He works with occupational centers and the Veterans Administration to make sure to give back to the community and country. You can “Like” BagUps on Facebook and follow the brand on Twitter. For more information, contact BagUps at