With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you are probably looking for that perfect craft for your kids to make, especially if you are a parent or a teacher. Planetpals is the place to check out, because not only does the brand offer fun project ideas, but they are also all eco-friendly! If you have not heard of Planetpals, it is a must-see site. Started in 1998, it brings kids and the environment together by covering topics that encourage adolescents to think about their health, the world and how they give back to the planet through games, crafts and all-around fun. The Planetpals website says, “Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults and there is no better time to teach good habits! That’s why Planetpals mission is to plant seeds. Planetpals characters make a world of difference in every child’s life. Each one has values, a role in the universe and a job to help them out!” Isn’t that the truth? Follow in Planetpals’ footsteps, and have your child or children make a meaningful art project for Valentine’s Day. Here are a few of our favorites.

Paper hearts

Planetpals recycled paper hearts         Image courtesy of Planetpals Kids love cutting out paper snowflakes during the wintertime, so why not do the same for February 14? The directions are provided, and they are pretty simple to follow. You can trace a pattern, or cut out your very own design. Like always, be sure to use recycled paper. Old fabric, newspaper, wrapping paper and other reusable paper products will also work well.

Earth-friendly valentines

Planetpals valentines                 Image courtesy of Planetpals Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be the same without valentines, and these “I love the planet everything and everyone on it!” cards fit the occasion. All you have to do is print them out on paper (preferably recycled) and seal them in an envelope. For the envelope, grab some old paper, newspaper or gift-wrap, and presto, you’re done!

“I love you” magnets

Planetpals valentine's magnet               Image courtesy of Fun in the Making These magnets are the perfect way to say “I love you” on Valentine’s Day. You can use any salvaged materials around the house like old Rummikub game pieces. You will also need letters cut out from magazines, magnets, scissors and glue. In no time, you’ll have an amazing recycled V-Day craft.

Cereal box valentine holder

recycled cereal box valentine                 Photo courtesy of Plaid This is the cutest idea for a Valentine holder! You take an old cereal box of your choice, and create an eco-friendly carrier for your love notes. Just follow the directions; decorate to your liking; and voila — you’re done. It is inexpensive, and you can let your creativity and imagination flow.

Heart mosaic

recycled heart mosaic               Photo courtesy of Crafts by Amanda If you love stained-glass windows, then you will love this craft. You create a heart mosaic out of old newspapers, magazines, recycled paper and/or construction paper. The project only requires cutting, pasting and your imagination. Planetpals also offers activities for every occasion, giving kids the perfect opportunity to have earth-friendly fun year-round.