We all know the feeling when we purchase a new electronic device. Our need for newer, faster, more powerful devices has swelled to overwhelming heights, and almost every time we turn around the latest and greatest has been bested. Upgrading has become part of everyone’s routine. But when we take a break from syncing, customizing and installing so everything is just so on our new device, we have to stop and think about what will happen to the suddenly obsolete older model. That’s where comes in. A brand new electronics buyback program from Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), the creators of, endeavors to not only keep still-valuable electronics out of the landfill, but also to pay you top dollar for your device. homepage

 The process is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Go to and select the device you’d like to sell.
  2. Choose the current condition of the device and enter your shipping information. provides an instant initial offer for the device.
  3. If you accept the offer, simply package the device using a prepaid shipping label and send it off!

What makes different from other electronics buyback programs

Because is an ERI-supported business, customers can be assured that their devices will be recycled responsibly and all sensitive data will be safely wiped clean. According to, “All phones, tablets, laptop computers and personal electronic devices are restored to original factory settings, eliminating any data. Devices containing hard drives are compliantly wiped using a DOD-approved erasure process. SIM cards are removed and destroyed, eliminating any risk of the phone being traced to a specific carrier or personal account. All SD, Micro SD, XD and Compact Flash cards are removed and destroyed, ensuring that personal information, contacts, photos or videos cannot be accessed.” Those items that are no longer in working condition “are recycled in a state-of-the-art environmentally friendly facility that specializes in the recycling of electronic goods.” search
Simply select the device you would like to sell on and you’re on your way to getting paid!

Why ERI rises above the competition

Beyond being the nation’s largest privately held recycler of electronic waste, ERI is the only recycler dual-certified by both e-Stewards and R2. All eight of ERI’s recycling locations, spread across seven U.S. states, are dual certified, safely processing more than 160 million pounds of electronic waste on an annual basis. As well, states, “ERI is a totally green organization, from the fleet of hybrid vehicles used by the sales team, to the electric forklifts used on the shop floor and the methodology used to recycle the hundreds of tons of electronic waste that pass through the company’s doors. Even the furniture used in house is made from recycled materials.” Consumers’ privacy is a paramount concern at In partnership with ERI’s electronics recycling resources, from the world’s largest and most efficient e-waste shredder and the most technologically advanced CRT-crushing system, to the company’s “cradle to grave” barcode tracking system, customers can be assured that their used device is safe following shipment. device quality offers the best prices available on the online electronics buyback marketplace.

Simply the best prices for your devices

If you want to earn back as much as possible for your device, is your favorite new resource. This is just a sampling of current prices* of accepted devices:
  • A 64-gb third-generation iPad in excellent condition: $360
  • A WiFi-only 32-gb iPad mini in excellent condition: $256
  • A 16-gb iPhone 4s in excellent condition: $264
  • A 64-gb iPhone 5 in good condition: $538
  • A WiFi-only 32-gb first-generation iPad in good condition: $136
  • A Samsung Galaxy S3 in excellent condition: $173
  • An 8-gb Kindle Fire in excellent condition: $50
Don’t let your old device gather dust any longer. Head over to today to Go Green and Get Green! *All prices available at press time. Pricing is subject to change at any time.