MUJI recycled socksIf you are like me, my feet are always cold. Therefore, I cannot live without a good pair of fun, warm socks.

You are probably thinking, “It’s spring, and summer is right around the corner. I don’t need socks,” and you are right. But, in my neck of the woods — the East Coast — it hasn’t shown many signs of warm weather just yet. Plus, you can’t have too many pairs of socks, right? If you just happen to be looking for a new sock brand, then check out MUJI. Not only are the socks colorful and fun, but they are also eco-friendly and made from 100% recycled yarn. “MUJI” comes from the Japanese phrase Mujirushi Ryohin, which translates to “No Brand Goods.” According to the product description, MUJI products are “streamlined, environmentally friendly and beautiful in their simplicity.” For more than 30 years, MUJI has been dedicated to innovative and simple materials, processes and packaging. MUJI also offers other recycled products like shirts designed from recycled yarn, notebooks made from recycled paper and cute knick-knacks also crafted from recycled paper. Available online at the MoMA Store or MUJI’s website, you can purchase a set of five unisex eco-friendly socks for $18. Each set offers a random assortment of colors. So, when you need to warm up those feet, stay stylish and green with MUJI recycled socks!