Go Green Carpet Recycling

Go Green Carpet Recycling, Inc. started recycling carpet and padding in the Chicagoland area back in 2011 with only two warehouse employees. Fast-forward to today, and now we currently run two to three shifts five days a week with a total of 20 full-time employees. Our process is simple: We collect both residential and commercial carpeting from our customers, which include both carpet retailers and local municipalities. We then analyze the carpet to determine what type of carpet it is. The carpet is then baled and sent to our processing facilities. Once there, the carpet is put through our machine, shearing off the fibers and melting them down, converting them into raw materials that can be used to make everyday consumer products. The process for the padding is the same, except the padding is shredded and reborn as new padding. Our goal moving forward is to not only reach out to big companies about recycling, but to also be able to inform consumers on how they can recycle their carpeting through our company. Go Green Carpet Recycling is on pace to recycle more than 5 million pounds of carpet in 2013. Reaching out to consumers to give them information they need to recycle can help this number jump tremendously. Recycling your old carpet with Go Green Carpet Recycling is easy. Simply contact us at ggcarpetrecycling.com, or stop by our warehouse with your carpet. We are located at 150 N. Railroad Ave., Northlake, IL 60164. Tommy Senn is the social media and advertising representative of Go Green Carpet Recycling. His current goal is to reach out to as many consumers as possible to inform them of the opportunities out there to help recycle and keep carpet out of our landfills. Reach Tommy at tommy.senn@ggcarpetrecycling.com or 630.543.6950.