The home office. The pool house. The guest house. The shed. The art space. These everyday spaces are changing, for the better, thanks to Kanga Room Systems.

Kanga, based in Austin, TX, is a premier designer and manufacturer that provides build-it-yourself prefabricated wood kits for outdoor rooms and other structures. If you are not comfortable with do-it-yourself assembly, Kanga will do it for you with its premium installation services. Kanga customers can choose from cabins, sheds, studios, add-on rooms, storage and playhouses and/or playrooms for kids. These are perfect for homes, ranches, businesses and industrial sites. Traditional spaces like sheds, art spaces and home offices can now become your own personal space created to your liking. In addition to its artistic designs, another great Kanga quality is its green commitment and use of eco-conscious materials. Solely manufactured in Texas, Kanga is all about “producing eco-conscious, energy efficient products, using sustainable materials wherever possible.” The company even has an on-staff environmental designer constantly looking for new ways to incorporate green elements into each structure. Now, take a look at what kind of dwellings you can purchase. Three models are offered, including studios, cabins and sheds. Let’s explore each more thoroughly.

Kanga Studio

Kanga Modern Studio
Kanga Room Systems’ Modern Studio. Photo via
The Kanga Studio is quite popular and very diverse. You can select from two styles: the Modern and the Cottage. Each model comes in different sizes ranging from an 8′ x 10′ all the way up to a 14′ x 20′. These studios are perfect for one-room offices or a guest room built with full bathroom and kitchenette. According to Kanga, studios are frequently used by artists, musicians and jewelry makers. Overall, these studios are great for everyday work, hobbies and special projects.

Kanga Cabin

Kanga Cottage Cabin
Kanga Room Systems’ Cottage Cabin. Photo via
Like the studio, the Kanga Cabin comes in both the Modern and the Cottage theme. These are a little roomier than the Studio. Depending on the size, your cabin can come complete with closets, loft areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and covered porches. It sounds like a great place to spend a cozy evening!

Kanga Shed

Kanga Modern Shed
Kanga Room Systems’ Modern Shed. Photo via
An average shed can be extremely boring, but with the Kanga Shed you can transform that boring shack into a sleek modern storage unit. Sheds only come in the Modern theme, but they include all sorts of elements like sheathing and roof decking, hardie lap siding, pine trim boards, heavy-duty latches and a variety of color paint schemes, just to name a few. Even though Kanga is centrally located in Texas and serves the Austin and Dallas areas, kits can be shipped statewide and nationwide. Be sure to browse through Kanga’s gallery and see how Kanga Room Systems can transform the average dwelling. It’s quite remarkable and beautiful.