Companies all over the world are joining the green movement. Polly Products is one such company that has not only taken the recycling challenge head on, but has also revolutionized a way to reuse the materials that are harmful to our environment. Based in Michigan, Polly Products specializes in the manufacture and sale of outdoor furniture made from recycled plastic. Our green mission is to help communities move toward a sustainable future by creating socially responsible products that are made from 100% recycled plastic.

Polly Products

“Green Products for a Green World” is at the forefront of our minds every day. Sustainability governs our business practices, from encouraging recycling efforts in Polly Products’ office and plant, to the way we melt, mold and mix the recycled materials. The consumer starts this process by recycling plastic materials on curbside collection day. The plastic is then transported to recycling facilities and cleaned for reuse. Bottles are cut into small flakes and delivered to our manufacturing facility in Mulliken, MI. We melt these pieces down and add color along with UV protectants to shield them from the sun and protect against discoloration. The result: beautiful furniture with such great detail you will be surprised that it is plastic! All of our plastic material is sourced in Michigan, which helps to support the environment of the beautiful Great Lakes region and keeps discarded furniture and plastic out of Michigan landfills every year. Our products are manufactured on site, creating an authentic, American-made product line. Polly Products provides sustainable alternatives to everyday products for customers both domestically and internationally. Our best-selling product allows the customer to add a personalized touch to his or her purchase. Our message benches can be engraved or a plaque can be added that personalizes any space. With our Message Bench Program —  currently on a 10% discount — community members can personalize a space in their local area by donating a bench to the place of their choice. This allows city, state and local governments to save valuable funds that could be distributed elsewhere to further improve their communities. Recycled plastic is a very durable material and is perfect for hot or cold environments and everything in between. Polly Products furniture requires very little maintenance and will last a lifetime. Join the green revolution and buy from Polly Products today!

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Andrea Conover
Andrea Conover, Business Development Manager, Polly Products
Andrea Conover is the Business Development Manager at Polly Products. Andrea graduated with honors from Michigan State University in May 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing. Originally from Farmington Hills, MI, Andrea worked at Polly Products as a marketing intern for a year before being hired as Business Development Manager. Through this position, Andrea will work to develop strong relationships with customers nationwide and will look to expand the public???s knowledge of products made from recycled plastic.