Fargo recyclingCurbside recycling is available for all 22,000 Fargo, ND (pop. 109,779), households that pay for residential garbage service. Fargoans currently use a blue bin that is placed curbside during pick-up week. A larger rolling cart is not currently available, but garbage cans, paper bags or other totes can be placed curbside if additional receptacles are needed. Though all accepted recyclables can be commingled in the blue bin, plastics, metals and glass must be collected in brown paper bags before placement in the bin.

Materials recycled

Paper Newspapers and inserts, magazines and catalogs may be placed in the blue bin. These items do not need to be bagged but should be placed in the bin first (below other bagged materials). Corrugated cardboard, paperboard, brown paper bags and chipboard are also accepted. Any cardboard too large for the blue bin must be flattened and placed under the bin when at the curb. Plastics Plastic bottles, containers, tubs and pails numbered 1 through 7 (excluding polystyrene products) are accepted. All plastic items need to be rinsed, collected in a brown paper bag and placed atop paper items. Caps and lids must be removed. Metals Aluminum, steel and tin cans may be placed in the blue bin. All metal items need to be rinsed, collected in a brown paper bag and placed atop paper items. Metal lids must be removed but can be placed in the bin. Glass Clear, brown and green glass bottles and jars may be placed in the blue bin. All glass items need to be rinsed, collected in a brown paper bag and placed atop paper items. Lids, corks and caps are not accepted.


Recycling is collected on a biweekly basis on the scheduled trash collection day. A collection schedule and route map can be found online. Recyclables must be placed curbside by 8 a.m. the day of pick-up.

Other programs

Fargo has a vast network of recycling drop-off locations that take recyclable items.

  • Locations that accept all of the above recyclables and yard waste
    • Longfellow Park: Elm Street and Forest Avenue North
    • Waste Water Plant: Intersection of 10th Street and 37th Avenue North
    • North Coliseum: 10th Street north of 17th Avenue North
    • Solid Waste Department: 2301 8th Ave. N.
    • Mickelson Field: 9th Avenue North, east of Oak Street
    • Water plant: 4th Street and 13th Avenue South
    • Lift station: 42nd Street and 2nd Avenue Southwest
    • Lewis & Clark School: 17th Street and 18th Avenue South
    • Rheault Farm: 25th Street and 30th Avenue South
    • MinnKota Recycling (Eagles Kindergarten Center): University Drive and 35th Avenue South
    • Centennial area: 25th Street and 40th Avenue South
    • Shanley High School: 5600 25th Street South
    • Osgood Fire Station (north side) 3957 Village Ln.
  • Locations that accept all of the above recyclables (no yard waste)
    • Sunmart Foods: University Drive and 7th Avenue North
    • Osco Drug: University Drive and 19th Avenue North
    • MinnKota Recycling: 901 4th Avenue North
    • Household Hazardous Waste Facility: 606 43 1/2 St. N.
    • Children’s Museum: 1201 28th Ave. N. (no brown or blue glass accepted)
    • Parking lot (near CVS): 13th Avenue and 25th Street South
    • Cash Wise Foods: 14th Avenue and 33rd Street South
    • Lincoln School: 21st Avenue South, east of 9th Street
  • Locations that accept glass, metal and plastics
    • McKinley School: 2930 8th St. N. (newspapers also accepted)
    • Hawthorne School: 555 8th Ave. S.
  • Locations that accept office paper
    • MinnKota Recycling: 901 4th Ave. N.
    • MinnKota Recycling: 3510 S. University Dr.
Yard waste is collected at the curb from mid-October through April. Yard waste items should be placed 5 feet away from garbage on collection day in boxes or bags. Fargo holds an annual e-waste collection event every summer. Residents may also take one computer and/or one television to the local household hazardous waste facility (606 43 1/2 St. N.).

More information

Visit the City of Fargo Curbside Recycling website for more recycling program info.