Jersey City recyclingJersey City is New Jersey’s second largest city (pop. 254,441), and it is one of the densest cities in the country. Its close proximity to New York City, just across the Hudson River, makes for an intricate network of tight blocks and one-way streets crammed into a small area. Recycling hauling isn’t easy here, but the Jersey City Incinerator Authority, which has handled the city’s trash services since 1974 and its recycling services since they debuted in 1985, is up to the challenge. Jersey City residents must use two bins (any large plastic bins will do) to collect recyclables for curbside pick-up: one for paper-based products, and a second for commingled items like plastics, aluminum and glass.

Materials recycled

Paper (Bin 1) Including newspapers, magazines, junk mail, school paper, office paper, computer paper, phonebooks, corrugated cardboard, paperboard and laundry detergent boxes. Plastics (Bin 2) Milk jugs, drink boxes, laundry detergent bottles, household cleaner containers and shampoo bottles are accepted. Metals (Bin 2) All metal cans except paint cans are accepted. Glass (Bin 2) All glass bottles and jars are accepted.


Recycling is collected on a weekly basis in Jersey City. A collection schedule can be found online. Recyclables may be placed curbside no earlier than 7 p.m. the evening prior to pick-up.

Other programs

Jersey City provides a drop-off recycling center (501 SR-440) for its residents. Recyclables, untreated lumber (4 feet and larger), oil-based paint, motor oil, antifreeze (5-gallon limit) and other debris may be dropped off at the center Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Proof of residence is required. The JCIA provides annual leaf pick-up from October to December. The pick-up days are advertised seasonally, and free, biodegradable bags are provided. Christmas trees are collected every Thursday in January. They must not be wrapped or bagged. New Jersey state law requires mandated collection of refrigerators and air conditioners. Jersey City residents can call the JCIA to schedule a pick-up appointment at 201.432.4635, ext. 600.

More information

Visit the Jersey City Incinerator Authority website for more recycling program info.