Odina recycled swimwear
Photo via odinasurf.com
If you are a fashion-minded, active beach girl with a soft spot for the planet, check out Odina Swimwear. “Odina” means divine creative inspiration, and the brand’s inspiration lies in “creating sustainable, highly-functional and fashionable swimwear that is locally made from recycled and reclaimed fabrics.” The company was founded in 2010 to make swimwear for active women that wanted a sustainable, well-made swimsuit. Odina worked with surfers to get feedback on the fit of the product as well as the fabrics. A number of sustainable fabrics and a variety of recycled fibers were tested before finding the ones that meet their demands. Setting the standard in eco-swimwear:
  • The body of Odina’s swimwear is composed primarily of nylon made from recycled plastic bottles with some lycra added so the suit will retain its shape.
  • The accent pieces are made from materials reclaimed from the scraps of conventional swim manufacturers.
  • The tags on the suits are made from organic cotton.
  • The fabrics and the suits are made in the U.S.
  • Odina’s website is hosted on a server that is 100% wind powered.
  • Odina’s hangtags are printed on recycled paper from FCS-certified sources.
As a company, Odina values performance and fashion, as it strives to be eco-conscious in its packaging, manufacturing and business decisions. “Low impact, high fashion.” For more information, visit odinasurf.com.