It can sometimes be tricky to discover the right way to recycle daily household items (or, in some cases, parts of them). Unfortunately, a universally accepted answer on what items are recyclable may never be available to those environmentally conscious consumers, but we can examine different regulations and ways to use these items. Some products that cause great recyclability confusion are mailers with plastic windows and/or adhesives, such as business envelopes or magazines with cologne or perfume samples. The recyclability of these items depends on the consumer’s location and the local services available. The best way to receive the most accurate answer is to contact your curbside recycling service or another recycling service near you. Another option is to check with nearby drop-off locations using our recycling location search. You might also look for information packets on municipal garbage and recycling programs available in your area.

recycling envelopes

Different rules are in place in various locations. Some recycling services take the windows along with business envelopes, while others ask for residents to cut them out. The same goes for adhesives such as magazine cologne samples — some programs accept them with the rest of the magazine, but others ask for residents to cut them out and throw them in the trash. For example, the City of Fresno Recycling Program accepts these recyclables, but kindly asks residents to take off adhesives if possible. According to the City of Fresno’s recycling hotline, all types of paper are fine for curbside recycling, including mailers with windows and cologne samples. Citizens are not required to remove adhesives from paper, but, if applicable, it is preferred for them to take off removable latex rubber adhesive before recycling it. Recycling hotlines and other customer service numbers are available on city websites and in phonebooks. Other options are available for products such as envelopes and perfume strips. One suggestion is reusing envelopes to mail again (if they have windows and are opened carefully) or reusing them in other useful ways. They could store small items, pose as notepads or be used for arts and crafts projects. On the other hand, items like perfume inserts in magazines could be used in multiple ways to keep different items (and of course yourself) smelling good. They can be stored in drawers, shoes and purses, and should be collected over time until they are used. It is helpful for the environment, and it could be a way to find the right scent to splurge on. The different rules and regulations of different places can be frustrating for those who are looking to recycle common household items, but by contacting different services available in your area, reusing these items and spreading the word, it is possible to find the most beneficial thing to do for the environment.