For New York City residents, it is a common problem to accumulate more items than what one can physically store. What many consumers do not realize is that there is a better solution to dispose of these items than dumping them in the nearest trashcan. NYC Stuff ExchangeThe NYC Stuff Exchange is a search engine connecting New York residents to organizations or shops throughout the city where one can donate, buy or sell different types of gently used goods. In addition, NYC Stuff Exchange offers location listings to rent or repair used items. Created by the City of New York Department of Sanitation, this program is designed to lessen New York City’s waste problem while encouraging the reuse of gently used items that are otherwise may be discarded as trash. According to NYC Stuff Exchange, DSNY collects 12,000 tons (24 million pounds) of garbage from city residents and institutions every day. This substantial amount of waste is not only an environmental problem, but also a financial burden. NYC Stuff Exchange allows its users to search for local vendors by transaction (donate, buy or sell) and item type (clothing, furniture, books, etc.). Although some donations may not be conventional as others, NYC Stuff Exchange offers listings for specialty items and lets users donate select items by mail. However, not all items may be donated due to product-specific mandates regarding the reuse or resale of goods. Some of these items include bedding, toys, used electronics and books. But, NYC Stuff Exchange welcomes high-end designer items and antiques to promote the preservation of history, art and culture. The best part about NYC Stuff Exchange is that you are in control of what to do with your items. If your items are damaged and you are not able to repair them yourself, this is considered waste that should be set out with regular trash. But, NYC Stuff Exchange cautions against throwing out broken metal items and encourages recycling instead. For information on recycling in NYC, check out this link. NYC Stuff Exchange is one of a few programs offering an alternative to throwing more waste in New York’s expansive network of far-off landfills. New Yorkers: Think twice before tossing away your unwanted items. NYC Stuff Exchange is a more resourceful way to donate, buy and sell.