Green Guru Recycled Ruckus Backpack
Green Guru’s Ruckus backpack, made from recycled bike tubes. Photo courtesy of Green Guru.
Every biker has blown a tube. Every climber has worn out a climbing rope. Every wetsuit eventually needs to be retired. All camping gear has a limited lifespan. These outdoorsy accessories come and go as they experience normal wear and tear. But, regardless of their age or use, they are all made of valuable materials. Green Guru recognizes that, and takes worn rubber tubes, old vinyl and rope and makes them into functional pieces like messenger bags, bike accessories, backpacks and wallets. Recycled and rebuilt in Boulder, CO, Green Guru’s upcycling program is an interesting one. Consumers can send their old material to Green Guru’s Boulder home base, or they can opt to drop off the materials at a vast network of retail outlets across a dozen U.S. states. Green Guru then gets to work. These aren’t your standard, delicate recycled accessories either. Green Guru’s products are made to last, thanks to the durability of the materials used. Some examples:
  • The Ruckus backpack ($139.95), made of recycled inner tubes, an upcycled shoulder harness, recycled PETE, recycled mesh, recycled nylon and metal, is about as sturdy of a backpack as you will find anywhere. A spacious 30 liters in capacity (expandable to 41 liters), the pack holds an incredible amount despite weighing just 3.8 pounds. And, it’s perfect for the commuter on the go: The outer layer is completely stormproof, and the bag is reinforced with straps, pockets and belts for maximum comfort and extra storage.
  • The Cycler messenger bag ($139.95) is made of the same materials that the Ruckus backpack is, but features a fold-over messenger finish. It holds a respectable 27 liters, but weighs in at just 2.1 pounds, making it the ideal bag to strap on before a bike commute. The bag is extra padded for riding, and users have the option to add a cell phone or iPod holster ($27.95) — also made of recycled tubes — on the shoulder strap for extra convenience.
  • Even the Bi-fold wallet ($27.95), constructed of recycled inner tubes and recycled PETE, stretches to fit everything and anything you can jam in it. It is outfitted with four credit card/ID slots and two main compartments for cash and receipts. As Green Guru states, “It looks like leather, but it is far better for our earth.”
For information on even more Green Guru products, or to find the recycling drop-off location nearest you, visit You can also mail materials to be recycled to Green Guru:
Attn: Materials
2500 47th St., Ste. 12 Boulder, CO 80301