As summertime winds down, those who are lucky enough to own a swimming pool might be dreading the necessary cleaning and maintenance before the long, dormant winter months. There are many different ways to clean your pool, including automatic machines, hired maintenance and chemicals. By researching the most efficient ways to use these options, you can keep your pool clean and maintained while also sparing the environment, cutting energy usage and saving cash. recycling pool chemicalsIf you use a type of pool cleaner that will eventually need to be recycled, it is important to learn the appropriate disposal method needed to keep the environment safe. Pool-cleaning chemicals are used to reduce dirt, germs and bacteria; control the growth of algae and fungus; and thoroughly sanitize the water. These chemicals are often seen as the easiest method to clean a swimming pool, but they can end up being dangerous if not disposed properly. Like all household hazardous waste products, the best way to figure out how to dispose these chemicals and the container they came in would be to find an HHW facility near you. When taken to a HHW facility, pool chemicals are neutralized and discharged to wastewater treatment. Therefore, they are dispersed in the environment without causing harm. Chemicals should never be thrown in the trash or poured in any waterway system, and they should be kept away from heat sources or fire at all times. Some alternative options are asking neighbors, local community pools and pool stores if they will take your unneeded pool chemicals. They may be interested in the extra supplies. Finally, if the pool is checked up on regularly it will stay in good condition and less maintenance will be needed. Ask your local swimming pool supply store which products will be most efficient and eco friendly when some maintenance is needed in order to enjoy your summer in the water.