recyclables drop-off recycling centerDanville, IL, located just west of the Indiana border, has a population of more than 32,000 that is not served by a curbside recycling program. As of 2012, it is the only city of its size south of Interstate 80 that does not have curbside recycling in Illinois. However, this has not stopped the community from working to recycle its waste. After 11 years, the Danville recycling center at Main Street and Washington Avenue has collected nearly 6,000 tons of materials, and those totals continue to grow. This recycling center is the largest one in Vermilion County, which includes Danville and several other eastern Illinois towns. In 2009, mayors from across the region and residents alike were discussing and surveying about a possible curbside recycling program that would cost anywhere from $3 to $11 a month. This was at a time when Vermilion County’s recycling program had been suspended due to a lack of funds needed to cover costs. The financial loss resulted from less disposal in the local landfill and a loss of funds from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. Today, Danville does not yet have plans to start a curbside recycling program, but it has multiple recycling centers around the city that take a variety of waste items. Danville residents can search for ¬†recycling locations near them here.