Morgantown recyclingMorgantown, WV (pop. 31,000), is perhaps best known as the home of West Virginia University. As such, its population practically doubles to a total of approximately 60,000 from September through May each year when the WVU student body is in town. The city introduced its “Clean Community Concept” proposal in 2012 — an initiative with an ultimate goal of reaching an 80% waste diversion rate. The goal seemed lofty at the time. But Morgantown got to work, recently tripling the number of recyclable items accepted at the curb and introducing larger 65-gallon green roll carts, which replaced the 18-gallon bins residents had been using. The recycling rates improved almost overnight, with nearly 600 tons of recyclables collected in the first three quarters of 2013 — an incredible increase from the 78 tons collected during all of 2012.

Materials recycled

Paper Paperboard, junk mail, magazines, catalogs, paperback books, hardcover books (cover removed), office paper, shredded paper (sealed in a clear plastic bag), phonebooks, newspapers and inserts, corrugated cardboard (flattened and cut to fit inside the cart), pizza box tops (no soiled bottom halves), milk/juice cartons and milk/juice aseptic containers are accepted. Plastics Plastic containers numbered 1 through 7 are accepted. No plastic bags. Metals Aluminum cans and tin/steel cans (rinsed) are accepted. Glass Glass bottles and jars (clear amber and green) are accepted.


Morgantown residents take recyclables to the curb on a weekly basis, same day as refuse collection. Carts must be placed curbside the evening before pick-up any time after 6 p.m. Carts must be placed within 3 feet of the curb and must be at least 4 feet from any obstructions (vehicles, poles, refuse cart, etc.).

Other programs

Morgantown’s recycling and refuse servicer, Republic Services, offers curbside e-waste collection on a biweekly basis. Residents are urged to call 304.368.7700 to schedule e-waste pick-up at least 24 hours in advance. The Monongalia County Solid Waste Authority operates a drop-off recycling center (500 Dupont Rd. in nearby Westover). Cardboard, newspaper, office paper (shredded or whole), plastics 1 and 2, steel cans and aluminum cans are accepted and may be dropped off 24/7.

More information

Visit the City of Morgantown Trash & Recycling website for more recycling program info.