As the cold weather clamors through, consumers are once again shopping for all the best winter gear to get through the chilly season. But, before your next purchase, you may want to consider if your desired item is made of recycled materials. Catering to shoppers that are looking for sustainable quality, L.L. Bean introduces the Women’s Wildcat Boots ($129). LL Bean Wildcat bootThis lace-up multicolor boot is just as comfortable as wearing your favorite pair of sneakers. Now completely redesigned, the Wildcat Boot comes in two color options: black-carbon and vapor gray-deep periwinkle. It is not only warm and waterproof, but also built with a dual-density shell that makes it lighter and less bulky than other competition on the market. Best of all, its reflective trim is now lined with high-performance 400-gram recycled Primaloft polyester insulation for added warmth. Developed by the U.S. Military for use as clothing and sleepwear, Primaloft is a down-like insulation that mimics that lightweight compressibility and warmth but continues to insulate even when wet. Because much of the fibers are water repellant, Primaloft retains ability to keep you warm, even when the outside moisture has soaked through. In addition, Primaloft is highly compressible and easy to stuff. Its resilient fibers are quick to regain their loft to provide insulation. This allows great movement and perfect for extendable wear. Finally, Primaloft is so soft, making this boot an excellent choice for active outwear. L.L. Bean boasts that these boots are made from hypoallergenic material and are very easy to maintain. You can throw them in your washer on a gentle cycle to ensure they last and last. L.L. Bean is one of the few that offers a pair of boots like these on the market. For a reasonable price, consumers can stop dreaming and purchase a sustainable and resilient boot to challenge the winter weather head on.