With the holidays coming up, it is that time of year where everyone makes lists and plans shopping trips to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. You may be thinking about what toys to get the little ones in your life, so this is a great opportunity to buy an eco-friendly gift that they will cherish.

An immense amount of dollhouses are sold today, but the Plan Toys Victorian Doll House provides an eco-friendly alternative while allowing its owners to explore their creativity in unusual ways.

The 25-inch tall, three-story dollhouse comes complete with an attic and is made entirely of recycled rubber wood. The two front panels and roof swing open, displaying the inside of the house alongside the sliding windows.


Aside from its roominess, the house’s interior and exterior are both blank canvases. The recycled rubber wood can be custom-painted, allowing the colors and designs of each house to be unique to your child’s wishes. Your child can also completely customize the inside of the dollhouse with decorations of his or her choice, allowing for unending creativity that is not an option with many other dollhouses.

The Plan Toys Victorian Doll House has been recognized over the years for its practicality as a toy. In the U.K., it was the winner of the Silver Award for Practical Preschool Toys in 2001. It later won the 2006 Silver Good Toy Award.

By purchasing the dollhouse, buyers are not only doing good for the environment, but also saving money in the long run. Plastic dollhouses tend to be much pricier and do not last as long, but this wood house, which retails for $175, can be handed down through the generations. Dollhouses are a classic gift that many children will ask for, and the Plan Toys Victorian Doll House is the green option gift givers should choose. As a lasting, eco-friendly product, this is the perfect dollhouse to consider for the upcoming holiday season.