water-conservation-toothbrush.jpgNow that 2014 has arrived, many of us are making resolutions to start off the New Year better than we ended the last. When I think about how sustainably I have lived this year, I realize that I could make some minor improvements to my life to benefit a cause greater than myself. At 1-800-RECYCLING, we provide solutions for readers by educating them about how they can incorporate sustainable living into their everyday lives. Whether it may be about a brand producing recyclable products, or a nearby neighborhood taking on a green initiative, we are all about taking a few steps at a time toward a greener lifestyle. The New Year encourages us to reflect on what green efforts we have incorporated into our lives and come up with even more ways to carry our civil duty. As I reflect on my own actions, I realize there are an overwhelming number of tasks I could include. However, one basic solution is to simply start small and continue to grow. I, for one, am guilty of taking multiple unnecessary trips with my car during the day, running the water while I brush my teeth, leaving the lights on when I leave the room… the list goes on and on. But, this year, I am going to plan my daily tasks efficiently so that I only make one trip each day to conserve natural resources like oil. I am going to turn off the running water when I brush teeth to conserve our running water. Finally, I am going to turn off the lights when I exit a room to help reduce the strain on electricity. It’s small efforts like these that go a long way to realizing and strengthening a sustainable environment. Sometimes the idea of “going green” sounds overwhelming and too insurmountable to be compensated by just you, but combining all of our efforts can really make a significant difference. This New Year, I am advocating that we start making small, sustainable changes and work our way up to a more earth-friendly lifestyle.