Indiana-State-University-RecycleMania.jpg RecycleMania has begun, with more than 450 colleges across the U.S. and Canada taking part in waste reduction activities that will make a great difference in the amount of waste disposed of in their respective communities. One of the colleges involved this year is Indiana State University, located in Terre Haute, IN. ISU is taking part in the competition division, where it gets to compare its progress to other schools in eight different categories. The Per Capita Classic measures how much a school recycles based on its population, while the Gorilla Prize calculates each school’s overall waste reduction. The other divisions focus on recycling specific materials: waste minimization, targeted materials, “E-cycleMania” and film plastic. There is also a Game Day competition, where schools will evaluate how much is recycled during a home basketball game. Finally, the grand champion will be crowned. According to ISU’s Director of Custodial and Special Services, Paul Reed, the campus has been preparing for RecycleMania in a number of ways. For the past few months, reminder cards with information about the competition and a pledge have been passed out at campus events and strategically placed tables promoting recycling. RecycleMania posters have also been placed throughout campus, alongside an ad in the campus newspaper, a banner in the food court area, and a Facebook page designating the event. ISU is practicing waste minimization in a few different ways. Throughout the entirety of the eight-week RecycleMania competition, the school is selling and donating extra property from the campus, digitizing paper documents online whenever possible and holding programs to educate students and employees about waste minimization. The school will give new employees and students the opportunity to learn about waste minimization techniques, hold regular presentations for campus groups and departments and set up public displays. Extra collection containers have been added to campus residence halls during the competition, and the housekeeping staff is assisting in collecting the materials. About 12,000 participants — ISU students, staff and faculty — will have the opportunity to take part in this two-month competition. With the help of the entire campus, ISU can be a big competitor and make a difference in this year’s RecycleMania. At press time, two weeks into the competition, ISU has recycled nearly 22,000 pounds of materials, with an average weekly recycling rate of 17.6%. Track the school’s progress through the rest of the competition here.