R2 Solutions today welcomed the formation of SERI (Sustainable Electronics Recycling International), which will succeed R2 Solutions in developing and promoting the R2 Standard. SERI.pngBeginning today, the R2 Standard will be managed by SERI. R2 Solutions will cease operations and its staff, the board of directors, the R2 Technical Advisory Committee, the R2 Standard and supporting documents, and all other assets will be transferred to SERI. “Current and future R2 recyclers can rest-assured that nothing is changing for the R2 Standard,” explained John Lingelbach, Executive Director of SERI (and formerly R2 Solutions). “The R2 Standard has been tremendously successful. Over 540 R2 certified facilities are now operating in 17 countries, but still many regions of the world are underserved or without access to responsible electronics recycling. The incredible growth of electronics use in the developing world necessitates that more be done. Both the R2 Standard, as well as the new activities of SERI, are all critical to meeting this challenge.” SERI will advance the cause of safe and sustainable electronics reuse and recycling around the world. In addition to managing the R2 Standard, the expanded scope of the new organization includes sponsoring and supporting electronics recycling projects in developing countries, education and outreach campaigns on the need for responsible recycling, and other activities. “I am very pleased to be part of SERI and excited to embark on the many new activities to address critical e-scrap issues around the world,” said Oladele Osibanjo, new SERI board member and Executive Director of the Basel Convention Coordinating Centre for Training and Technology Transfer for the African Region. “Meeting the challenge of used electronics will require a variety of tools, strategies, and active involvement in emerging-market countries.” SERI’s board includes members that have backgrounds in the Basel Convention, economics, emerging markets, electronics collection, and other critical areas necessary to advancing SERI’s mission. “We are extremely pleased with the positive response and momentum that the launch of SERI has already garnered,” added Lingelbach. “Working in partnership with a diverse group of stakeholders in the global recycling community – governments, businesses and NGOs – will position SERI to significantly advance the cause of safe and sustainable electronics reuse and recycling and to increase access to certified refurbishing and recycling facilities around the world.” To learn more about SERI or the R2 Standard, please visit www.SustainableElectronics.org.


Patty Osterberg Education & Outreach Director SERI Patty@SustainableElectronics.org 303.443-3272