Susan Stockwell is a London-based artist whose work ranges from installations to sculptures and consists of many topics, such as ecology and mapping. Her elegant pieces are also made from recycled materials, as she practices “upcycling” — taking disposable items and transforming them into items of greater value. One of Stockwell’s most popular works is creating dresses out of used paper products such as tea bags, coffee filters and maps. Although these dresses are not actually wearable, but rather intended as works of art, they are quite elaborate and incredible to look at, based on the fact that she made them out of delicate paper that would otherwise be considered trash. The dresses also represent styles of past centuries with their sashes, rosettes, ruffled collars and other period-specific touches. Susan-Stockwell-recycled-dress.jpg Even if the dresses are not usable, Stockwell’s work is a great example of what can be done with everyday disposable items. Used tea bags and coffee filters laying around the house is not a pretty sight, yet they can be put together and reconstructed into something as immaculate as one of Stockwell’s designs. With creative projects like Stockwell’s, unwanted household items that would lead to full landfills could be put to another creative use, whether it be functional or as unique pieces of art.