carpet-reuse.jpg Summer has returned, and many of us are thinking about home improvement projects to spruce up our homes. While these activities may be fun and exciting to plan, the not-so-fun byproduct is one that we most often ignore: where the discarded waste will end up. A common household renovation that many of us do every so often is changing out our carpets when they begin to look a little too dingy. If you are considering a carpet change this summer, there is good news on the waste front: There are a multiple ways to repurpose leftover carpet without sending it straight to the dumpster.

Disposable beds for pets

We sure do love them, but those furry friends at home can make quite a mess in their living space. While buying new beds and mats can become pricey over time, a quick and easy, money-saving solution is to cut up a few squares of your old carpet to change in and out of their pens or bedding.

Carpet for your car

No matter what kind of vehicle you are driving these days, consider cutting up your floor covering to use as mats inside your car. Help protect your existing mat by placing a freshly cut square on top. Plus, during the worst of weather seasons, which are always just around the corner, your old carpet will take the beating, leaving your car flooring unscathed.

Flooring for the clubhouse

As the weather warms up, everyone is heading out for some time in the sun. For the kids in the family, clubhouses are going to be a popular hangout spot over the course of the next few months. To give your tree house a homey feel, think about lining the space with your old carpet. As the kids venture outside for their next clubhouse retreat, they will definitely thank you for providing added comfort to their special hideaway.

Lining the cubbies and crannies

We all have a certain area in our house that could use a little extra cushion. From the welcome mat at the front door, to the concrete flooring in the backyard shed, cutting up carpet for these spaces can make a huge difference. Repurposing your old carpet is a small green task that you can do instead of tracking in excess or suffering the cold floor. Instead of paying for haul-away cost and letting your old carpet hit the nearest landfill, think about the many ways you can repurpose your carpet without it ever leaving your home. Perhaps this resourceful thinking may even jump-start a new idea that fits your everyday needs. When thinking about small renovations such as replacing carpet, remember that there are ways you can repurpose the leftovers.