Eau-Claire-recycling.pngWisconsin’s ninth-largest city, Eau Claire (pop. 66,966), operates its curbside recycling program on a larger, countywide basis to cover all of the sprawling Eau Claire County area. The county as a whole has a population north of 100,000 residents, so this is a significantly sized operation. Depending on the regional hauler that services the household, Eau Claire residents could have the option of choosing 30- to 35-gallon carts, 60- to 65-gallon carts or 90- to 95-gallon carts for their curbside service. Those living in single-family housing and multifamily buildings of four units are smaller are serviced in Eau Claire and the surrounding areas of Altoona, Augusta, Fairchild, Fall Creek and Washington.

Materials recycled

Paper Newspapers and inserts, mixed paper, mail, sticky notes, paperboard, manila folders, magazines, catalogs, paper bags and corrugated cardboard are accepted. If cardboard is too large for the recycling bin, please stack next to bin to ensure collection. Plastics Plastic containers and bottles numbered 1 through 5 and 7 are accepted. Metals Aluminum cans, tin/steel cans and metal lids and caps are accepted. Glass Glass bottles and jars are accepted.


Eau Claire recycles at the curb on a weekly basis — same day as refuse collection.

Other programs

Eau Claire County’s yard waste collection pilot program ceased operations in July 2014. Demand overwhelmed the county’s operations plans, so stay tuned for future announcements on the future of the program. The region is home to 11 drop-off recycling locations that accept the above-listed recyclables. Please visit the Eau Claire County website for hours of operation. Electronics can be dropped off for data destruction and recycling at First Choice Computer Recycling (525 Park Ridge Ct.) Monday through Saturday. Call 715.833.2005 for details.

More information

Visit the Eau Claire County Recycling Program website for more recycling program info.