best-buy-recyclingElectronic Recyclers International, the nation’s leading recycler of electronics and e-waste, participated today in a special event at Best Buy headquarters commemorating the retailer’s announcement that it has now recycled 1 billion pounds of electronic and large appliance waste in just six years. “Having diverted a billion pounds of waste from ending up in landfills is truly a reason to celebrate,” said ERI Chairman and CEO John Shegerian. “We celebrate Best Buy, for developing what has become the largest retail recycling program in the world — recycling more than 400 pounds of e-waste every minute their stores are open! It is a great honor and privilege to partner with such a forward thinking and dedicated organization — we are proud and humbled to be able to help them achieve these remarkable goals.” At the landmark event, Best Buy revealed a number of statistics and data it has gathered in a nationwide survey surrounding consumers and e-waste. Among the statistics revealed was the fact that 39% of consumers recycle their electronics and appliances now, but nearly twice as many (70%) intend to do so in the future, demonstrating the need for simple and convenient electronic recycling options such as those provided by Best Buy and ERI. Best Buy also chose this forum to announce a new goal to collect another two billion pounds of electronics and appliances for recycling in the next six years. “Green is Good,” the nation’s most-listened to sustainability themed radio program, which is hosted by Shegerian, also produced a special broadcast from the event via iHeartRadio. For more information on general recycling needs, visit or