So many Halloween decorations seem oh so tempting this time of year, but maybe this could be the season in which you take a step back and get creative making decorative items with materials already in your home. Discovering creative ways to make what we see on the shelves is not always an easy task, which is why we have the perfect Halloween craft for the trick-or-treaters at home. On the big day, we all need a nice goody bag to put our treats in. It’s so easy to buy a plastic pumpkin or bag from the store. Instead of buying a few extra items you may not necessarily need, utilize the ice cream bucket the family polished off at the dinner table last night (go ahead and rinse it out real well before you get started). Get out your felt (or other choice of fabric), scissors and glue. Now, get those creative juices flowing. Your goody bucket can resemble a mummy, a pumpkin, a witch, a ghost or any other Halloween character, but for this example we’re going to pick Frankenstein. Halloween-Frankenstein-craft.jpg First, consider that the bucket is easiest to use later with a handle attached to it, however, other reusable containers could also work for this craft. Perhaps cut the top off your milk jug or take the opportunity to patch up a leaky container. Either way, all of these are great options for your goody bucket. Second, lie out the green felt (in this case) and roll out the container in the felt to measure out exactly how much you need. Trim around leaving a half-inch to 1-inch overlap that will fold over the bottom and top. Glue the felt all around the container and secure the overlap inside of the bucket. To create Frankenstein’s hair, lay the black felt on the work surface and carefully align with the top of the container. Measure as you did with the green felt, leaving a little extra, and trim excess. Before attaching the black felt, trim one end in a grass-like cut to fashion the hair and then glue in place. Finally, cut out patterns for eyebrows, eyes (or glue on your favorite googly eyes), nose and mouth in appropriate colors and glue those in the appropriate areas. Now, before taking your goody bucket out for a spin around your neighborhood haunts, don’t forget to let it dry well. It’s the perfect time to show off your cool new craft, and you can have piece of mind knowing you didn’t purchase another plastic item that will only be used a time or two. This Halloween, join the crafty crowd and figure out new ways to make your spooky holiday a little greener.