I really like to wear boots — all boots for all weather, which comes in handy when you live in the climate I live in. Now, I’ve finally found a company that makes boots for all weather and strives to do it in a sustainable fashion. Kamik, a Canadian footwear company, makes products that are “built to last and priced right.” Needless to say, I’m in love.
“It’s Called The Great Outdoors Not The Great Landfill”— Kamik.com
Kamik-Naomi-boot.jpgKamik not only makes wonderful boots, but the company also loves the outdoors and has been working hard to sustain it. Realizing that sustainability does not just encompass what a company makes but also how it makes those products, Kamik completely changed the way it manufactured footwear 20 years ago. The company improved the quality of its footwear, which was good for business and even better for the environment. Kamik make its liners and linings from recycled water bottles. The boot soles are 100% recyclable. In 2013, Kamik launched and introduced EcoLogic Rubber, a plant-based, 100% recyclable rubber, into its existing product lines. Across the company, employees are continually working to source and develop new material that is not only better for the environment, but also better for their customers. All this leads to really adorable, sustainable boots. Need I say more? Today, Kamik’s injection-molding plants use hydro-generated power, not fossil fuels, and its machines are cooled with recycled rainwater. According to Kamik’s website, recycling rainwater alone saves the company the equivalent of 15 Olympic-sized pools every year. Kamik also recycles 100% of its boot scraps and use them to make new boots. And, all of this is done under high-quality, low-energy lights that save the company 157,161 kWh of energy every year. In 2009, Kamik created its Green Team, which is a group of executives and employees whose mission is to find more sustainable ways to make and market Kamik’s products. Oh, but there is one more thing: They launched a Kamik Recycling Program back in 2008. Kamik believes that recycling is one of the easiest ways the company as a whole can remain environmentally friendly. Here are some of the details: When your Kamik product has outlasted its usefulness, check to make sure it is on the recyclable list, (visit here to make sure). Then, wipe the product clean and send it to Kamik. Kamik
Attn: Recycling Program
33 Catamount Dr.
Milton, VT 05468 For more information on Kamik, visit kamik.com.