Halloween is tomorrow, which means you may be making a last-minute candy purchase this evening. Most people take part in decorating and buying costumes, but if you are in a neighborhood with kids, buying tons of candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters is a must. When looking for a package (or packages) of candy to buy, a great option to consider is YumEarth. YumEarth is a candy company founded by two fathers that were interested in giving their kids an alternative candy option — one that is not filled with chemicals and artificial ingredients. Their candies are now being sold in thousands of stores in 20 different countries, as well as online. The company offers lollipops, candy drops, fruit snacks, sour beans, gummy bears and worms. All of the candies are organic, and the ingredients are sourced from natural substances from around the world. For example, YumEarth uses citric acid that comes from Israeli sugar beets, and the bright red coloring comes from purple carrots. YumEarth.jpg YumEarth is very health conscious about what is put in its candies. But, what is just as, if not more, impressive is the company’s environmentally friendly manufacturing choices. Many companies may not think about all the paper materials collected and wasted during the production of candy wrappers and bags, but this is something the founders of YumEarth wanted to do right. According to co-founder Rob Wunder, the company experienced a few conflicts in manufacturing, as they were not big fans of packaging. However, they could not use plain brown sacks filled with candy if they wanted to sell in stores and make consumers interested in their brand. While YumEarth now has many different available sizes for packaging, all of its bags are resealable and reusable. Another obstacle the company faced with manufacturing was deciding whether to use biodegradable corn-based wrappers or not. Although the wrappers are more environmentally friendly than traditional options, YumEarth has a fan base that is intolerant to corn-based products, so many consumers requested the company not use them. (And, there are very few other candy products available that do not contain corn-derived ingredients.) In the end, the company chose against using the corn-based wrappers for their fans. Wunder said it was not an easy decision, but was rewarding when they hear consumers’ feedback. Giving out YumEarth candies on Halloween can teach the children in your neighborhood that candy can taste good without all of the chemicals and artificial ingredients found in typical manufactured candy. And, it can show parents that there are good alternatives out there to what they may typically buy for their kids. On top of it all, the reusable packaging can make home life a little easier for packing lunches or storing items. The candies come in personal bags, family-size bags, bags of 50 snack packs, and 5-pound bulk-size bags, with prices ranging from $3 to $32. Discounts are also available for several bags bought in bulk. The candies are currently available at popular stores such as Walgreens, Whole Foods, Toys“R”Us, and more, so there is sure to be a location nearby to get that last-minute Halloween candy.