aluminum-can-tab-recycling.jpg As we gear up for another America Recycles Day, communities around the country are celebrating their recycling efforts. Whether a town hosts a show of recycled fashions or recognizes outstanding individuals’ recycling prowess, November 15 is a day to inspire and re-energize our excitement for a sustainable lifestyle. In Shelby and Miami counties in Ohio, just north of the Dayton metro area, local schools have been participating in the Fall Tab-a-Pull-Ooza benefitting the Ronald McDonald House since mid-August. Collecting pop tabs presents an interesting reminder for us all: Even the smallest of material contributions can make a difference. These mini-items are collected and passed along to Advantage Metals, a regional recycler that sells these tabs at the market rate and in turn makes a charitable donation to the local Ronald McDonald House. The nonprofit uses these funds to help pay the bill for moms’ and dads’ stay while their children are at the hospital. After the last tab is collected on November 14, the winning school in each county will be awarded prizes — not just bragging rights. This collection event not only teaches youth the importance of recycling, but also shows how true sustainability works environmentally, socially and economically. To learn more about the cause or how you can become involved, visit Miami County’s website at or contact organizer Cindy Bach at ARD14.jpg